11 Things You Absolutely Need Before Heading to Spring Break

Spring break is almost here and we’ve gathered up all the information you’re going to need for a fun filled week of partying and relaxing in the sun!

1. Packing Tips

Packing is one of the biggest pains for any trip, luckily we did all the hard work for you! This awesome list of what you actually need to pack for spring break from Total Sorority Move highlights the importance waterproof mascara, tissues for your inevitable drunk crying, Pedialyte for the unavoidable hangover and 18 other necessary items. To

Spring Break Sorority

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2. Spring Break Destinations

Being a college student means that you’re pretty strapped for cash and may not have the luxury of spending big bucks on vacations. This post from Travel and Leisure has the most affordable spring break destinations. While some of them may be obvious, there are a few you’ve probably never thought of like Reno, Nevada, Ocean City, Maryland, and Monterey, California!

Spring Break Destinations

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3. Spring Break Apps

Do you have that one friend that always seems to go missing five minutes after you showing up to a party? The Find My Friends app will allow you to keep tabs on that ever wandering companion so when it’s time to leave you won’t have to worry about finding them!

Spring Break Apps

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4. Spring Break Reads

Spring break is obvious the time to let loose and party, but that doesn’t mean that you should give your mind (and liver) a rest. This list of 14 must-read books from Bustle is a great way to unwind before you head out for another full blown rager!

reading on the beach

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5. Spring Break Alternatives

Spring break is obviously a great time to get your drink on, but it’s also a great way to help improve the world. This list of 6 spring break alternatives to help you change the world from Mashable gives great suggestions on helping the planet both globally and locally.

Spring Break Alternatives

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6. Classic Spring Break Inspiration

I’m not sure how many of you will remember how awesome the classic MTV Spring Break shows were, but we gathered up some of the best performances. If you’re looking to prep yourself for an epic spring break party or just want to take a trip down memory lane I’d suggest watching this clip from No Doubt’s show in 1996.

No Doubt

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7. Spring Break Style Essentials

To have a the best spring break you’re going to want to make sure that you’re dressed to the nines. These style essentials for a sunny spring break from Verily will give you all the fashion inspiration you’ll need to have a great time on the beach!

Spring Break Style

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8. Beach Beauty Essentials

It’s one thing to have your outfits planned out for spring break, but it’s a completely different thing to make sure you have your beauty essentials. The editor’s from Byrdie put together this wonderful list of absolute must haves for beach bound beauties!

Beach essentials

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9. Spring Break Body

Now that you have your books, outfits, and apps it’s time to get your beach bod! This amazing 30 day beach body workout challenge from Fitness Republic will help get you into the best shape of your life! Here’s an extra infographic to get you started:

Image via: Fitness Republic

Image via: Fitness Republic


10. Healthy Food Ideas

If you’re going to use the 30 day beach body workout challenge then it’s advised that you eat healthy. This can be hard while you’re in college and even harder while you’re partying it up at spring break. One of our favorite suggestions are these quinoa taco bowls from Lemon Tree Dwelling. There’s no doubt that this dish is going to be one of your new favorites!

Quinoa Taco Bowl

Image via: Lemon Tree Dwelling


11. Spring Break Playlist

Sometimes all you need to get into the spirit of spring break is a great playlist. Just add this list of 30 songs that will instantly put you in a good mood from Refinery29 to your phone or ipod and start getting ready to party!

Spring Break Music

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Want 100’s of ideas for spring break? Hit up our College Life room for tons of videos, articles, and pictures to get you excited for your next vacation!

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