Orange Is The New Black, Frozen, and Food – Oh my!

By Joshua Burton

Seasons are changing and updates are happening here at myWebRoom. We’ve added some cool new themed sets to our Store this week and we want to make sure you know where to go for updates when they roll out. Here’s an update on what is new:

Orange is the New Black Season 2

You don’t think we’d let this go uncelebrated, do you? Orange is the New Black is back and we want to give you the opportunity to add some prison flair to your WebRoom.  You can get the full room from your Designer tool on the main page. The OITNB room looks out over the yard at Litchfield Prison where the ladies of the show get to stretch their legs.

Here's the myWebRoom design based on Orange is the New Black!

Don’t worry, your cell is a bit better designed than the ones in the show.

This is how we feel when we mess up interior design using orange. Don't make the same mistake. Go to the myWebRoom blog to find out how (not to).

Don’t want the full room? Go ahead and choose from the set to make your room have that added edge.

orange is the new black items mywebroom

Just Don’t go using that edge on anyone else, ok?

The Frozen Collection

It may almost be Summer, but we know how to keep it cool. The new Frozen collection will add that crisp breeze to your WebRoom design. These items have white and silver designs that have the look of shimmering ice and downy snow.

frozen disney mywebroom items

AND, just in case you’re tired of all the cutesy Frozen renditions that have popped up all over the net…



Cool Cravings

Everyone loves food. We decided to grab the best food-related products and put them all together in a collection for you. These hand-picked items include doughnut-making machines, pineapple polka-dots, and cupcake carousels. This is a truly delicious set.

food products mywebroom

It will probably lead to a big bout of overeating, so those of you who are bad with self-control should be careful.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Trending section of the Shop to keep up with the constant supply of hand-picked items we add to the site. We lovingly choose every product you see on the site one-by-one as we are constantly inspired by our online shopping experience. Get out there and check out the new stuff!

mywebroom loft

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