13 Tips For Saving Money On Utilities In College

Living off-campus can be really expensive but there are ways to save! One way to give your bank account a break is by saving on utilities. There are plenty of tricks and tips that are incredibly simple that can help you save on those monthly obligations!

Effective tips for saving money on utilities in college.

1. Unplug Those Electronic Devices


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One of the fastest and easiest ways to save on utilities is to unplug your electronics before you leave the house. In 2008 a government study showed that leaving your DVR plugged in costs around $50 a year! That’s over $4 a month!


2. Eco-Friendly Settings!

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With the world turning much more green, there are a lot of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines that have efficiency settings. Lindsey Conger from Prime Five Homes purchasing “energy-efficient alternatives,” will make the planet as well as your your wallet much happier.


3. Hang’em Dry!

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Another helpful tip from Lindsey Conger is after washing your clothes elect to not use the dryer and hang dry the clothes.  


4. Make The Planet Your Number #1 Fan

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John Nesler from Energy Rates shared with us that whenever you decide to use your heater you should turn on the ceiling fan. This will mix up the heat that is rising and start circulating it throughout your home.


5. Close those doors!

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This helpful hint also comes from John Nesler. Before using the heater or air conditioner you may want to take a quick walk around your house and closing any open doors, including closet doors. This will prevent wasting heat on certain areas of your house that don’t need to be heated 


6. How Low Flow Can You Go?

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You may have heard that putting a brick in your toilet tank can reduce water usage after flushing. However, this isn’t the best hack.  A downside to this is that bricks can crumble and clog your toilet. The alternative to this is filling an empty ½ gallon milk jug with marbles or gravel.


7. Install A Digital Thermostat

Digital Thermostat

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Installing a digital thermostat may sound like it costs a lot, but really it’s only around $100. Having a digital thermostat allows you to schedule when you want to heat or cool your home. This benefit of this is that you can schedule to heat or cool your home before you get home so you will be able to comfortable right when you get home.


8. Clean Your Lampshades and Light Bulbs!


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A simple trick to getting more light into your home is making sure that your lampshades and light bulbs are free from dust. Natalie from Helpling.com says that this will make sure that the most amount of light is coming from your lighting fixtures and require less lights to actually be on.


9. Turn Down For What?

Turn down water heater

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 The standard temperature for water heaters is 140 degrees, but turning it down to 120 degrees will get the same job done.


10. Plan ahead!

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 A super simple way to reduce energy consumption is by planning what you want from your refrigerator before opening it. When you constantly open and shut the door, your refrigerator will have to work extra hard to keep your food cold.


11. Use Appliances At Night! 

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If you are planning on cooking, doing laundry, or running your dishwasher, it’s better to do so in the evening. Your energy company considers this to be outside of peak of hours and charges you less for the energy you use.


12. Change Your Workout Routine! 

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This one may be tough to accomplish, but by exercising before you start your day rather than at the end of it will prevent the need for multiple showers.


13. Use The Rain!

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If your state allows the collecting of rainwater then this is a great way to reduce utility bills. Most rain barrels have spigots for your watering cans so you can easily water your plants without ever turning on a hose!


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