Top 9 Photo Apps For Your Weekend Memories

By Joshua Burton

My phone is full of pictures – both horrible and amazing – that form the landscape of my life’s timeline. In the days of our grandparents you had to wait for photos to come back from the photo lab, but we live in the future where our pictorial needs are met instantaneously. That said, things get a little boring for us, so it’s time to mix things up in the relationship we have with our cameras. This weekend go out with your camera phone and take a bunch of pictures with these 10 great camera apps and tell me that you didn’t have more fun than staying at home and playing on Chatroulette.

Photoshop Touch

Price $4.99

This is the heavyweight in the room. You can do pretty much anything to your photos with this app. However, it’s pretty much like having Photoshop on your phone/tablet, which is kind of daunting to someone who has never used high-end photo editing software before. Once you get past the learning curve (a rather steep curve, at that) you’ll find yourself spending more time editing than you do taking pictures. This is a good one, but get used to it before you go out into the field and start snapping away. This isn’t a free app, and it’s a couple dollars more if you want to use it on a tablet.


Price: Free!

Tried and true Instagram. It’s got most of what we need in here. I’m no Photoshop Touch perfectionist, so this suits me most of the time. Toss in a filter and suddenly everything is great. Borderline bad pictures suddenly become good pictures thanks to that Sutro filter! Instagram pushes to all of my social media platforms and even lets me tag people from in the app, so I’m set with this one. It may be owned by Facebook, but what isn’t these days, am I right?


Price: Free!

Wait, Snapchat isn’t owned by Facebook! The Los Angeles-based app is well known to most of us, so it’s already passed judgement in the court of the people. I spend a good amount of time recording terrifying videos of my ugly faces to send to friends with this thing, which is great since they can’t save video off of the one-view app that deletes images and video once they’re viewed. When I’m not making funny faces, I’m decorating my images with tacky colors and phrases. This is a solid app, and one that is great for close friends.

Rakuga Cute

Price: Free!

If you’ve ever stepped inside of a Japanese-style photo booth (otherwise known as purikura), then you know the joy of the heavy-handed filters you get in these crazy things. Rakuga Cute combines the joy of photo filters – like the kind that make your eyes seem to literally POP from the image – with the added fun of image stickers. The result is always hilarious and usually borderline terrifying. Blown-out images are big in Japan, I guess. It’s an app where glamor shots meet little shop of horrors. So good.

Paper Camera

Price: $0.99

If you’re bored of those blanket filters that can make anything looks artistic, why not use an app that is legitimately unique? Paper Camera takes your images and turns your 3D images into 2D drawings. As long as you have enough light (trust me, it works best in bright settings), this app can give a different kind of artistic credibility to the images of your life. I’m a big comic book nerd, so this is like turning every moment of my life into panels of a comic. I’m in love with this (free!) app.


Price: $0.99

This app is super simple. It lets you overlay two images to give the appearance of a double exposure. This app is somewhat limited, as it was just a promotional tool for music duo Goldfrapp. Still, it is pretty fun and you can actually get some unexpectedly interesting art pieces out of your already existing images. My personal suggestion is to use a low-constrast images to lay under high-contrast images. That protip is free. This app, however, is not. Get it now for $0.99.

Procamera 7

Price: $4.99

This is an app that is designed to give you the functionality of a high-grade camera within your smartphone along with the resources of a photo-editing app. This gives you easy control over your image settings and also lets you choose from a surprisingly wide array of filters. You do have to pay for this kind of usefulness, though. Toss out $4.99 for this one.

Color Splash

Price: $0.99

When it comes to photo apps, this one is really impressive to me. You can turn your camera photos to black and white and then select pieces of your photo to return to their photo glory. The result is pretty striking and beautiful. Some people will think this is kind of cheesy over time, but used sparingly this app will become a useful inclusion in your arsenal of photo apps.


Price: Free!

Ok, this isn’t technically a full photo app, but it does have some features that include sill image usage. This lets you take short video to save and send to your friends. You can interstitch video and photos to make some great collages of your content. Since you can save these, you can also upload them wherever you need and create GIFs. For those of you who use Reddit and finally want to share some of your life with the world, this is the place to start.

So there you go. Your next image-grabbing adventure will now seem even more interesting after putting your photos through the gambit of photo apps provided here. Don’t forget, you can always put your images into dropbox to share folders with friends or directly uploaded to your image section in the social area of myWebRoom. Now get out there and click some pics!

Did we forget to include any great photography apps? Give us your suggestions in the comments below!

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