Tour 10 Unbelievable Homes Owned By NFL Players

Have you ever wondered how your favorite NFL player lives? We rounded up 10 of the most extravagant NFL player’s homes that you have to see!


1. Peyton Manning: Denver, Colorado 

Peyton Manning may seem like a quiet guy that wouldn’t want anything too flashy, but this seven bedroom, ten bathroom house may say different. This incredible $4.6 million 16,000 square foot mansion even has it’s own elevator! Being a Super Bowl MVP definitely has its perks!

Check out Peyton Manning's home - along with other NFL players' homes.


2. Russell Wilson: Bellevue, Washington

Russell Wilson is exactly the kind of player that you would want your kids to idolize. He’s polite, gives back to his community, and is incredibly successful! He recently purchased this $6.7 million 10,700 square foot mansion for him and his girlfriend, Ciara, in Bellevue, Washington.

Russell Wilson's House

Image via: Kiss FM Seattle

3. Marshawn Lynch: Richmond, California

The Oakland native, Marshawn Lynch absolutely loves the San Francisco Bay Area so much that he purchased this bayfront property in Richmond, California. His home includes five bedrooms, five and a half baths, a home theater, elevator, wine cellar and even a 58-foot boat dock.

Marshawn Lynch's House

Image via: SFARMLS

4. Philip Rivers: San Diego, California

The San Diego Chargers may not have made the playoffs this year, but you can be sure Philip Rivers is going to have a comfortable off-season in his San Diego home. Besides having six bedrooms and six baths, this $3.2m home features an outdoor fireplace, built-in BBQ, a private rose garden, and a swimming pool fully equipped with a waterfall and spa. Who knew Philip Rivers had such good taste?

Philip Rivers' House

Image via: Celebrity Detective


5. Julio Jones: Atlanta, Georgia

Julio Jones is one of the most electrifying and exciting wide receivers in the NFL, so it’s only fitting that he resides in a monstrous 8,800 square foot mansion. The Atlanta Falcons superstar gets to enjoy a massive master bedroom and bathrooms with heated floors. What else could you ask for?

Julio Jones' House

Image via: Atlanta Curbed


6. J.J Watt: Middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin

J.J Watt may be a force to reckon with, but when it comes to his Wisconsin cabin, there are very little frills. This minimalistic getaway allows him to get away and enjoy a more peaceful life and while an $800,000 price tag may sound like a lot to you and me, it’s totally worth it for him!

J.J Watt's House

Image via: Black Sports Online


7. Tom Brady: Brentwood, California

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen may not enjoy tomatoes, but they definitely enjoy this Los Angeles Mansion. The dynamic duo enlisted the help of architect Richard Landry and interior designer Joan Behnke to help put together their dream home! Once Brady is finally done winning Super Bowls he’ll definitely have a nice place to relax!


Tom Brady's House

Image via: Ultra Home


8. Richard Sherman: Maple Valley, Washington

You don’t have to love Richard Sherman, but you do have to respect him! The incredible Seattle Seahawk cornerback recently purchased this $2.3m mansion 45 minutes outside of Seattle. The private, gated Mediterranean mansion three bedrooms (all equipped with a private deck,) outdoor basketball court and an indoor pool!

Richard Sherman's House

Image via: Zillow


9. Tony Romo: Dallas, Texas

When you’re talking about living a life of luxury, there may not be anyone who lives larger than Tony Romo! His 32,000 square foot mansion cost $6m for the construction and $3m just for the land. This gorgeous home includes six bedrooms, pool, spa, outdoor entertaining area and 3 fireplaces.


Tony Romo's House

Image via: Rant Sports

10. Antonio Gates: Hollywood Hills West, California

The San Diego Chargers Tight End, Antonio Gates already has a 6,800 square foot home closer to work, but what if you want to get away? Well, then you pick up a modern home in Hollywood Hills West. His home away from home features a pool, gym and exercise room, steam shower, and an elevator that will take you to any of the three floors!

Antonio Gates' House

Image via: LA Times


There you have it! These 10 amazing homes give you a little taste of how your favorite superstar lives when they aren’t scoring touchdowns or sacking quarterbacks! Make sure you add these links to your room and let us know what you think down below in the comments!


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