10 Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas You Have To See

Getting your home ready for the holidays is a necessary tradition for everyone. Getting good Christmas inspiration is sometimes difficult when you’re looking at the same decor options year after year. Here is a selection of modern decoration ideas that will change how you arrange your home for Christmas from now on.


1.  Whimsical Wonderland Tabletop: Want to add more color to your Christmas decor this year? Here’s an idea from clever minds at Coco + Kelley for a more magical layout that brings back that sense of wonder to the classic color pallet of the season. This tabletop setting will look great as a basis for a larger home setup you could create.

Find Awesome Christmas table decoration ideas you have to try.

Image via: Coco + Kelley


2. White and Pink Table Setting: To go further with the nontraditional but super-creative color schemes, check out this white and pink Christmas table setting from Celebrations At Home. The baseline colors give you a lot of freedom to toss in soft accent colors like gold, silver, and greys.

Try pink decor for your next Christmas - or any of these great holiday design ideas.


3. Neutral Rustic Christmas: A lot of people like to go rustic for the holidays. The Liz Marie Blog has great ideas on how to give your home a country Christmas feel. Wood and natural fiber cloth help to make a home setup feel far more earthy and modest.

Try out the rustic look this Christmas, or any of these other great design ideas!

Image via: Liz Marie Blog


4. White and Silver Christmas: If you prefer a more white and silver style, then consider this vignette from Two Twenty One. These miniature trees pair well a snowy tree and soft mint accents. Sometimes an understated design is the key to success.

Check out this cool idea for a white Christmas this year - or any of these other 9 designs to try.


5. Gold Christmas Decor: Nothing shines like gold! For a warm winter layout, try out these tips from Lolly Jane. She lays out a detailed tour of an epic DIY gold-plated home. You’ll also find good inspiration on what colors you can pair with this unique holiday design.

Check out this gold Christmas decor to try out this year.

Image via: Lolly Jane


6. Contemporary Tablescapes: Some people are all about the contemporary design look, so we wanted to include this link to the Detail Collective’s awesome post detailing a modern Christmas tabletop. These inspirational tips include aspects of traditional appeal with an updated feel that incorporates a lot of the DIY appeal we see today.

Try out a more contemporary Christmas decor style with these great ideas.

Image via: Detail Collective


7. Best Christmas Wreaths: What is more Christmas than a wreath? Add your personal style to this time-honored holiday tradition with inspiration from these fantastic ideas from The English Room. The ways that writer Holly Phillips found to customize a wreath may surprise you!

Get great ideas for unique Christmas wreath and decor ideas for the holidays.

Image via: The English Room


8. White Like a Unicorn Holiday: If you’re ready for a white Christmas, then check out this slideshow from Glitter Guide that has a nice little spin on it. Even if you don’t adopt the unicorn theme, everything about this is magical and could easily be incorporated into your own personal style.

Try out a more magical Christmas decor style this year - or any of these other unique styles of interior design.

Image via: Glitter Guide


9. Brilliant Scandinavian Christmas: We suggested this one for a good Christmas Party design, but it also makes for a hearty home decor style, too. One Kindesign runs down some pretty inventive ways of bringing the Scandinavian style of incorporating art into the baseline design of rustic interiors. Totally worth a look.

Try Scandinavian style decor this Christmas.

Image via: One Kindesign


10. Budget-friendly Christmas Decor Ideas: Striking a balance between price and style can be a challenge, so Refresh Restyle has collected some cost-effective ways of having an awesome home for Christmas on the cheap. Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your home like the professionals.

Decorate your home on a budget with these great Christmas ideas.


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