10 Unique Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

This guest post was written by Kayla Blogs


We’ve all been there. It’s the night before (or the night of!) a Halloween party and you still can’t figure out your costume. You have procrastinated too long and now there’s (quite literally) no time to get your act together. Except it might not be too late! Check out these 10 ideas for homemade Halloween costumes that you can actually throw together last-minute. These are perfect whether you’re going solo or need ideas for couples costumes, too.


1. College freshman

This one is super easy! All you need is a college sweatshirt (and pants and hat if you’re REALLY into it), a backpack, and a lanyard. Think back to those tell-tale signs of a freshman walking across campus. Be that freshman.

mywebroom blog halloween costume college freshman

Image via: College Humor


2. Cereal killer

Who doesn’t love a great play on words?! All you need for this costume is an old shirt that you can stain with red “blood” (I’m sure red magic marker would work!), mini cereal boxes that you can tape onto your shirt, and a knife (fake would probably be best).

mywebroom blog halloween costume cereal killer

Image via: Cosmopolitan


3. Lady bug

I don’t know why girls stopped dressing up as lady bugs for Halloween. All you need is a red shirt, black leggings, and some black construction paper or fabric. Cut out some black dots and stick them on your shirt and you’re a lady bug! Bonus points if the Rite Aid down the street has a red headband, some pipe cleaners, and pom poms that you can use to make your own antennae. Great for friends or couples.

mywebroom blog halloween costume lady bug

Image via: My Squeaky Sneakers


4. Dancing twins emoji

All you need is a friend, a black shirt and black skirt, black shoes, and some black ribbon to tie into your hair. Link arms and make the dancing emoji pose. Super cute and simple!

mywebroom blog halloween costume dancing twin emojis

Image via: Shop Lux Clothing


5. Retro Taylor Swift

Hear me out—all you need is a white lace dress (doesn’t everyone have one of these from high school graduation?) and some brown boots. Bonus points if those boots are actually cowboy boots. To add a little something extra, curl your hair and write Tay’s signature number 13 on your hand in sharpie. Done!

mywebroom blog halloween costume taylor swift

Image via: 7-themes


6. Scarecrow

Grab some jeans (or jean shorts) and a flannel. Use brown eyeliner and draw yourself a cute scarecrow face like Marie below! Simple as that.

mywebroom blog halloween costume scarecrow

Image via: The Joy of Fashion


7. Burglar

All black or black pants/shorts and a black and white top. Find some black fabric (either at the store or use the fabric from an old tshirt) and cut two eye holes out of it. Tie it around your head and you’ve got yourself a burglar mask!

mywebroom blog halloween costume robber

Image via: The Thrifty Ginger


8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This one is super cute especially if you have short red hair. All you’ll need to be Kimmy is some colored jeans, a floral button down shirt and a cardigan. A JanSport backpack will complete your look!

mywebroom blog halloween costume unbreakable kimmy schmidt

Image via: Vogue


9. Killer Housewife

For this costume, all you’ll need is a dress and some sort of apron that you can splatter blood on. Super simple and definitely unique!

mywebroom blog halloween costume killer zombie housewife

Creative Costumes


10. Facebook (AKA Jim Halpert)

With a nod to The Office’s Jim Halpert, all you need to do for this costume is to write “BOOK” across your face. Easily the simplest costume on this list and I doubt anyone else will have it!

mywebroom blog halloween costume facebook the office

Image via: Huffington Post


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