Unleash Your Creativity With myWebRoom’s New Designer Tool

By Joshua Burton

By now you’ve noticed our old “Editor” has been replaced with the new “Designer” tool at the top of your WebRoom screen. It’s a common fact around here that our users are notorious for having expressive personalities and we wanted to give you complete creative control over your WebRoom. This is your home on the internet where you get to play around with your favorite products to design your perfect room.

As a designer, the new tool lets you choose from our extensive catalogue of product options to shape your WebRoom to best express your personal style. These aren’t just static, flat items you’re working with. They’re real products. These are things you could literally put in your real-world home. That’s the experience we want you to have at myWebRoom.com

So don’t think of this as some boring computer program. Your WebRoom is an extension of your own personal creativity. It is the room where your internet life lives, which is why all of the items in your room are connected to your favorite websites. We’re all linked to the web so much, why not make our experience interactive by bringing the real world into our browsing experience? If you like something in your WebRoom, go ahead and get it for your real room!

We’re trying to bridge the gap between reality and cyber-reality – one Reclaimed Timber Salt Desk at a time.

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