Upcycle Your College Life With These Easy DIY Tips

There’s nothing quite like moving into a new dorm or apartment and making it your own. But it’s hard, not to mention expensive, to show off your style with the same department store decorations everyone else has. Luckily, a few simple DIY projects can get you out of the “back to school” section and into a place you’re proud to call your own.


Decorate From A To Z: Pallet Letters

Upcycled pallets are becoming more and more popular not only because they’re basically free, but also because of the amazing rustic look the finished projects provide. This pallet letter project from Upcycle That is especially great because you can customize it to create literally whatever message best represents you.


mywebroom blog pallet letters love

Image Via: Upcycle That


Pin Like A Pro: Cute Emoji Cork Board

Like Pinterest for real life, a cork board is, simply put, a college must-have. Save important notes or random ideas, share inside jokes with your roommates, or decorate it with a collage of photos. Check out Pottery Barn Teen’s easy do-it-yourself emoji cork board to make the most of this necessity.


mywebroom blog cute emoji corkboard

Image Via: Pottery Barn Teen


Stay Entertained: DIY Media Console

Let’s get real for a second: Crazy college parties sound fun, but when you’re not studying you’ll be spending most of your time chilling with a couple of friends watching House of Cards. So your media is your first priority. HomeMadeModern shows how with just one trip to Home Depot and friend with a workbench, you can put those IKEA entertainment centers to shame.



Grow It Yourself: Mason Jar Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. With only a mason jar and some soil, you’ll never run out of fast-growing herbs like mint and cilantro. Basil can even keep away flies! Your room will smell great and you’ll save a ton of money at the supermarket. Crafts Unleashed has a handy guide to get started.


mywebroom blog mason jar herbs

Image Via: Crafts Unleashed


Never Lose Them Again: DIY Key Holders

You’ve got keys for your car, for your dorm, for your parents’ house, and for work, and if you don’t have one place to put them all at the end of the day you may never find them again. DIY Ready shows off just a few of the ways you can make customized key holders so you can keep track of that ever-expanding keyring.


mywebroom blog diy key holders

Image Via: DIY Ready


Reuse Everything: Sweet Salvage Upcycles

Upcycling is the new recycling, and the DIY Network has some great examples of why repurposing your old items is a better option than getting rid of them. With a little ingenuity, you can even turn an old leather chest into an all-purpose shelving unit. Eat your heart out, IKEA Hacks.


mywebroom blog upcycled chest shelf

Image Via: DIY Network


Relax In The Tub: Sea Salt Detox Bath Soak

DIY doesn’t have to mean getting your hands dirty, and after a long day of building media centers and upcycled shelves what could be better than getting clean again with these relaxing sea salt bath soaks from Hello Glow?


mywebroom blog dit sea salt bath bomb

Image Via: Hello Glow


Look Out For Your Pup: Cozy DIY Dog Beds

We haven’t forgotten about our furry friends (those rent-free roommates we love so much). You can make an amazing, comfy doggy bed with little more than a sweater, a bag of stuffing, and some yarn. If that’s not enough for you, Kol’s Notes has collected a few other great designs. Pick your favorite and keep your pup happy.


mywebroom blog diy dog pillow doggy bed

Image Via: Kol’s Notes


Keep It Clean: Homemade Window & Mirror Cleaner

This last one is just a great tip no matter what, and after hearing it you’ll never waste your money on expensive store-bought cleaners again. Clean Mama’s simple combination of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and a couple other important ingredients will eat through almost any crud and leave your place smelling as clean as it is.


mywebroom blog diy window glass cleaner

Image Via: Clean Mama


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