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By Joshua Burton

The backbone of our platform sits at the top of our main page on a stylish chair – it’s the myWebRoom Designer. From here you have total control over your WebRoom in a uniquely dynamic way. With the Designer you have access to everything in our SHOP – hundreds of hand-picked quality items from a variety of retailers to play with in your dream home. With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, let’s make a room designed from the items we have that fit the FIFA theme, shall we? Let’s get started!

Open up that Designer!

Help design the FIFA world cup room at the myWebRoom Blog! Interior design has a new home.

Let’s start from the top. Once you decide you want to change your room layout, you’ll want to get into starting with your overall theme. If you’re doing this from scratch, you’d want to start with the “Themes” tab. From here, you can pick wall and window layout that fits your personality. Since we’re going for a FIFA theme, we’re gonna grab the FIFA World Cup Room. It’s a wood-walled and faux grass room that looks out over a Brazilian soccer stadium. This will form the backdrop of how you design your online room.

Browse your options

Add all the pieces of your interior design dreams. Find out how at the myWebRoom Blog.

This doesn’t have to be a quick process. Once you’ve clicked on the Designer you’ll enter your WebRoom’s editing mode. From here, you see all of the types of items in the room you can change, from the sofa to the birdcage. Once you click the type of item you want to edit it will glow blue, letting you see where it is in the room – fancy! Once you click the item category you can also choose to remove the item from the room. It’ll leave a little shadow there, just to let you know that you can put something back if you want to. None of the bookmarks you’ve tagged to that item will go away, so don’t fret over that, y’all.

Picking The Right Objects

Once you’ve clicked the “Objects” tab and have figured out which object you want to change, figure out what fits the room best. In this case, we’re looking for a good replacement for my Game item. The new FIFA World cup PS3 game would be a perfect addition to the World Cup room.

fifa 2014 ps3 mywebroom

But what about furniture? With the wood walls and the busy colors on the ceiling with the flags we want to ground the room a bit so let’s add the white Retro Designer Blue Pink Stripes Coffee Table for that soft neutral white and subtle color addition along with the Verona Coffee Table, the Leather Soccer Ball chair, and the sleek metal office table to add the big white elements to the room.

fifa mywebroom designer tutorial

Staying in theme

With our FIFA room we want to pack as much soccer pride in here as we can, so we want to add all the great décor we can into the room. Lots of items from our shop match the bill, too. We have FIFA rugs for the floor, international posters for the wall, and a FIFA World Cup Bracket pinboard. This will bring the floor and the walls together as accompanied by the grounding furnishings. Toss in the Wire Fram Stadium Lamp to give it that ampitheatre look, and things are really coming together!

staying in theme

Let’s add some cool character-related stuff to the room. We’ve got Fuelco the Armadillo, who’s the official FIFA mascot for the pet in our WebRoom and on the root wood rustic end table we have Blu – from the Rio movies. Perfecto!

FIFA products soccer mywebroom

Express Yourself

In terms of color, this is a busy room, but we want something that will really cry out “look at me!” To that effect, let’s choose the FIFA World Cup Custom Sofa. This flag-emblazoned couch will really make a dramatic statement in this room. Why not, right?

fifa world cup sofa mywebroom designer

Who doesn’t love a big place to store their clothes? For our dresser, let’s choose the FIFA World Cup walk-in closet.

fifa closet mywebroom

Finishing Touches

Sometimes it’s fun to save some of the small stuff for the end. The electronics in the room are fun to play around with, since they’re the things we would use the most in our real lives. For our FIFA room, we settled on a 75” Samsung TV, a Samsung smart camera, and a set of Beats by Dre headphones.

fifa world cup 2014 mywebroom

The Editor provides easy navigation between items by letting you search by category, style, brand, and color. And, if you’re really hard-pressed for ideas on how to bring it all together, shop for a curated set of items for your WebRoom inside our Bundles section! And if you’re in for a quick fix on how to start, you can just select from our Entire Rooms section to get a theme and bundle already pre-packed for you. Easy!

entire room fifa mywebroom

At the end of the day, no matter how you end up designing your WebRoom, be it starting with a theme or slowly adding objects you love from the Shop, this whole process is yours to control any way you like. With the Designer, the decisions are put into your hands. After all, no one knows your style better than you!

fifa world cup products mywebroom

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