What You Get From myWebRoom

Save and Organize Everything You Love On The Internet With myWebRoom

The internet is full of places to find awesome content, so a tool that lets you find it all in one place is exactly what you need. myWebRoom lets you visually customize what kind of stuff you want to see and easily control how you organize it.

That’s a lot of awesomeness. Let’s break it down for you:


Get Content Based On Your Interests

Binge on streams of content tailored just for you. Just click around your profile to open up streams of great content from your favorite sites on the web. Fancy yourself an amateur photographer? myWebRoom’s beautiful content cards show you inspiration, articles, and photography tips for every shutterbug.


Just click on any card in the feed to view that site inside of your room. These feeds update constantly and are always full of fresh content.


Tailor Your Feeds

Use the Designer to remove or add interests based on your personality. If you’re into music, just add a music player and get a feed of awesome playlists and music videos to jam out to. You’re shown the most popular content as it trends minute-by-minute.


Hold On To Your Favorite Content

Collect your favorite content cards by clicking “save for later” and toss them into one of your folders.



Create New Folders

Keep your saved cards organized by creating new folders in your room. Never lose that awesome video or article and easily share your curated content with friends. Your folders are public by default but you can always set them to private each folder’s settings.



Add New Content

Have you seen something that you love online? Easily add it to whatever content feed you want. Adding a new site will create a content card for it so you can put it in whatever folder you want. With the myWebRom Clipper Chrome extension it’s even easier to add sites from anywhere on the web to your personal folders.


Customize Your Experience

Make your experience more personal by changing the name of the interest items to reflect the type of content that matters to you. Now your room is even more unique.