Win $1,000 When You Design With AHAlife!

What’s better than designing your home on the web with the best artisan products? Getting PAID to do it! Want to win $1,000 in AHAlife store credit just for designing with awesome products? Here’s how to enter:

addictivedesign-rules (1)

addictive design contest

From September 24 to October 8, design a Room using at least ten (10) items from our extensive catalogue of artisan AHAlife products and then use the new CAMERA icon in your Designer to save the design to the Style Gallery and then simply publish it to either FacebookTwitterPinterest, Google+, or Instagram with the #myAHAroom contest hashtag  and the #AddictiveDesign promotion hashtag. That’s it! A collective panel of AHAlife and myWebRoom curators will sift through the entries and choose the most creative rooms. The selected finalists will be posted to Facebook on October 9, where we will let our Roommates decide who will win the $1,000 AHAlife credit and be the ultimate Addictive Designer!

Phase 1:

Design, Capture, Tag, and Publish your Rooms the to social media any time in between September 24, 2014 and October 8, 2014. We’ll choose the best two (2) designs for the next phase.

Phase 2:

We will post the finalists to our official Facebook page, where our awesome Facebook fans will vote to see who wins the final AHAlife $1,000 credit. Vote for your favorite designs in between October 8, 2014 and October 10, 2014 to find the ultimate Addictive Designer!

What? Want to go through the steps one more time? Ok.


Ahalife chair with horns will look great in your Room! Check it out at!

Toss all your favorite AHAlife items into your room. Don’t hold back, you need at least TEN AHAlife items in there to qualify. Creativity counts! You can easily use the search function to find all the AHAlife Items in each category.


Capture your AHAlife Room to publish it in myWebRoom!

CLICK THAT CAMERA. You captured and saved your Room! Once you add the description (don’t forget the #AddictiveDesign and #myAHAroom hashtags), head over to your MY Stuff tab and find your room in the “My Rooms” section. From here, you can publish to your favorite social media platform! For more inspiration go to the new STYLE GALLERY to look at what other Roommates have been publishing. Go ahead, be social!

Add The Hashtags

myWebRoom is now more social with the ability to publish your custom Rooms to social media!

Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize, you have to tag your creation in the comments with #myAHAroom and #AddictiveDesign. Whatever else you put in your comment is up to you.

Publish To Social Media

myWebRoom is now more social with the ability to publish your custom Rooms to social media!

After that, you can just do it again and again! We don’t limit how many times you can contribute to the contest, but posting a lot of them sure can’t hurt. These posts even lead back to your Room, so if any of friends already have a Roommate key they can explore all the cool stuff you’ve designed with. What good is a creative mind when you can’t show it off? We have so many AHAlife products in our Shop that the possibilities are mind-blowing! Get into Design Mode and good luck!

Official myAHAroom rules!

AHAlife joins myWebRoom in bringing quality artisan products to the masses.


Design your own AHAlife Room at myWebRoom.