WIN The Halloween Costume Of Your Dreams With #myCostumeIdea

WIN the Halloween costume of your dreams!


Have the perfect costume in mind for this All Hallows’ Eve? Post an image of what you want to be this Halloween to Instagram with the hashtag #myCostumeIdea for a chance to win $50 to Spirit Halloween Superstores*!

Don’t forget to tag @mywebroom with an image of your dream Halloween costume with #myCostumeIdea. We’ll decide which idea is the coolest on the 24th of October. The winning costume will be on us!


So whether you’re full of great costume ideas or you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration, head over to the #myCostumeIdea on Instagram for some cool ideas from our highly creative users. Think a tentacle monster would make a great costume? Post it! Want to do a video game character mashup? Post them with your suggestion! Don’t limit yourself to costumes you’ve already made! If you want to be a Tina from Bob’s Burgers, post an image of her and say how excited you are to dress like her and moan in fear at everything! The sky’s the limit! Inspire others to get creative with your ideas! Share the love!
But don’t forget to tag @myWebRoom and add the #myCostumeIdea hashtag. Have fun, Roomies!
Halloween Costume Ideas for girls.
Psst! Here are some free costume ideas. Don’t say we never did anything for ya!
Halloween costume ideas for groups at the myWebRoom Blog!
*Or an equivalent value to a similar retailer