You Won’t Have Any Leftovers With These 13 Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Super Bowl 50 is going to be one of the biggest events of 2016 and what do we do with big events? We party! Here are 10 foods that you absolutely must have for your Super Bowl Party!

1. Team Rice Krispie Treats

No matter who you are rooting for in the Super Bowl, these Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos team Rice Krispie treats from Two Sisters Crafting are perfect for the big game!

Carolina Panthers Rice Krispie Treats

Image via: Two Sisters Crafting


2. Football Inspired Jello Shots

To have a good Super Bowl party you’re gotta have drinks-a-flowin’, right? These 10 Football Inspired Jello Shots from Better Recipes will make sure that that one person who you were hesitant to invite makes a complete fool of themselves!

Jello Shots

Image via: Better Recipes


3. Jalapeño Poppers

What would a Super Bowl party be without Jalapeño Poppers? Probably a terrible one! This recipe from Oprah’s O Magazine will definitely turn up the heat at your get together!

Oprah's Jalapeno Poppers

Image via: Bangor Daily News


4. Onion Rings

Another staple to any Super Bowl party is of course Onion Rings! And who better to get that recipe from than Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart Onion Rings

Image via: Martha Stewart


5. Bourbon Baked Buffalo Wings

I love buffalo wings. I mean, seriously, my buffalo wing addiction is bad. So when I come across wing recipes that try to fancify the holy grail of appetizers, I get very upset. However, Bev Cooks’ Baked Bourbon Buffalo Wings breaks down the walls of tradition and completely pulls off one of the best wing recipes I’ve ever tried.

Baked Bourbon Buffalo Wings

Image via: Bev Cooks


6. Finger Steaks

This isn’t a recipe for your vegan friend that’s for sure! These Finger Steaks from Spoon Fork Bacon combine the greatest meat in the world with the ability to dip it. Nuff said.

Finger Steaks appetizer

Image via: Spoon Fork Bacon


7. Ginger Beer Margaritas

Moscow Mules are out and Ginger Beer Margaritas are in! This recipe from is easily one of the most refreshing and delicious drinks you’ll have this year.

Ginger Beer Margarita

Image via:


8. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Making a claim that your Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe is the best ever is very bold. But this recipe from Spaceships and Laser Beams backs up that claim by delivering a dip so good that your guests will forget that the Super Bowl is even on!

Best Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe Ever

Image via: Spaceships and Laserbeams


9. Bacon Wrapped Smokies

Appetizers are a critical part of any party’s success, so why not wrap your appetizers in bacon? These Bacon Wrapped Smokies from Passion For Savings deliver a big impact in a small, delicious package!

Bacon Wrapped Smokies

Image via: Passion For Savings


10. Chicken Bacon Alfredo Potato Skins

Bacon is great. Potato skins are great. Chicken Alfredo is a great. So what happens when you combine all of those things into one treat? Your tastebuds will explode! Well, maybe not. Regardless, this Chicken Bacon Alfredo Potato Skins recipe from The Recipe Rebel needs to be at your Super Bowl party!

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Potato Skins

Image via: The Recipe Rebel


11. Football 7-Layer Dip

One of my favorite things to see is creative twists on old classics. This amazing Football 7-Layer Dip from Mom Endeavors takes the standard go to dip and adds a little bit of a sports flair!

Football 7-Layer Dip

Image via: Mom Endeavors


12. Nacho Tacos

One way to really step your game up on Super Bowl Sunday is with Nacho Tacos from Campbell’s Kitchen. Who would have thought replacing shredded cheese with nacho cheese would make such a delicious difference? Campbell’s did and for that we are eternally grateful.

Nacho Tacos

Image via: Campbell’s Kitchen


13. Cheddar Sage Pretzels

One of my favorite snacks at any sporting event is the classic soft pretzel with cheese. However, when I’m home, this cheddar and fresh sage soft pretzel recipe from Seasons and Suppers is an absolute must for any party – especially your Super Bowl Party!

Cheddar and sage pretzels

Image via: Seasons and Suppers

There are so many great recipes here it’s hard to choose which ones you’re going to make, but whatever you do decide make sure you take a picture and tag us on either Twitter or Instagram so we can see your wonderful creations! For more Super Bowl Party tips, make sure you visit our DIY Super Bowl Party blog post and don’t forget to add all of these links to your room!


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