You’re Going To Want To See What This Style Blogger Is Saving In Her Room

When we first saw Alyssa’s room we absolutely fell in love. She writes the super-successful blog Random Acts of Pastel, which focuses on lifestyle and beauty tips.

Style blogger Alyssa shows off her pastel style by saving links to her room.

Image via: Random Acts of Pastel

The pastel colors mixed with the beautiful trees outside of her window create such a wonderful atmosphere that we’re actually jealous that we didn’t come up with it first. Once we were able to feel the ground beneath our feet again, we dove further into the collection of websites, articles, and videos that she saved to her folders and that’s where the true beauty of her design really came through. Here are a few of the folders that we think you should absolutely check out!


1. Great Reads!

Alyssa’s “What I’m Reading” folder located in her Reads item is a mix of stylish beauty tips, articles that will help inspire you, and wonderful thought provoking reads that challenge the status quo. One our favorite reads that she selected is from titled, “The Price of Beauty.” It’s an intriguing read about the meaning of tattoos. Definitely do yourself a favor and give this post a gander!

Style Blogger Alyssa loves tattoo art and culture - what are you saving to your room?

Image via: Sophomore Mag


2. For The Love of DIY

At myWebRoom we enjoy DIY projects so we were all thrilled to see that Alyssa loves DIY too! Being a beauty and lifestyle guru, Alyssa’s folder is full of wonderful projects, but the one we appreciate the most is the DIY Non-toxic bath fizzes from Sugar and Charm!

Style blogger Alyssa loves adding DIY Bath Bombs and other projects to her room.

Image via: Sugar and Charm


3. Drink Recipes!

Relaxing with a delicious drink (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) is a good way to relieve all of your daily stress and Alyssa has gathered a ton of great recipes for her “Cheers” folder! It’s so hard to choose which one is our favorite, but we’d have to say that the Pastel Cotton Candy Cream Soda from Aww, Sam sounds the absolute sweetest!

Style blogger Alyssa loves pastel drink recipes.

Image via: Aww, Sam


4. Wonderful Tunes

We could listen to Alyssa’s “What I’m Listening To” music folder all day! There are plenty of popular artists like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande, but there are also up and coming musicians like Brave Shores, First Rate People, Broods and so much more!

Style blogger Alyssa shares her favorite music finds.

Image via: Pophrt



5. Pretty In Pastel Pink

Even though all of Alyssa’s folders are great, we are probably most excited about her “Oh So Pretty” folder located in Style and Beauty! This collection of websites and articles really show off her love of colorful fashion! There’s even an article from XO Vain about her signature look which is her delightful pastel colored hair!

Pastel Hair - Alyssa is a style blogger who loves saving style and beauty content to her room.

Image via: XO Vain

To see these all of Alyssa’s folders make sure you visit her room here and don’t forget to save all of these links to your room!


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What I’m Reading

DIY projects


What I’m Listening To

Oh So Pretty