You’re not a Stalker, you just Crush a Lot. Here’s Amazing Celebrity Inspired Home Decor for You.

By Aubrey Andel

When you crush, you crush hard. Seeing them on the big screen just isn’t enough. For all you celebrity fans out there, we’ve rounded up some unique home decor so you can gaze at your favorite stars in every room of your home.


Hey girl, if you want to sit on Ryan Gosling’s face, you’re going to have to get in line. There’s a waitlist at Can’t wait to get close? You can enjoy the silky feel of this polyester pillow to get instant gratification and sleep cheek to cheek with this cutie. If you’re quiet enough, you’ll hear him whispering sweet nothings into your ear. And don’t forget a poster for your ceiling.

Ryan Gosling home decor



It’s time to take these actors seriously. Dressed as Russian Generals, these celebs look dashing and important. No home is complete without a quad of these above your sofa.

Celebrities as Russian Generals



Be fabulous, be Beyonce. With a mile-high leg lamp, inspirational wall decor and a painting of a Diva with a Mikimoto Earring, you’ll never want to leave your phat pad.

Beyonce Art and home decor



Baby, please, get the Biebs in bed. You’ve got your choice of pink, purple, and a pair of lilac pillows to toss on top. You’ll heart it.

Justin Beiber Bedding



It’s always Taylor time with this gorgeous clock. Seconds will turn into hours once you start staring into her hypnotic eyes. Can’t get enough Swifty? Plaster her onto your wall or visit her virtual room at

Taylor Swift Home Decor


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